This Grandmother does not want to be the next victim of false arrest.

James Samples is a McCracken County, KY., man that discovered his children were trapped in a Sting-Meth-House. The McCracken County Sheriff, Social Workers, Judges,... all knew that the children were being used to keep the sting-meth-house from being an obvious sting operation. This Grandmother has watched her son - James - routinely get arrested (falsely) while trying to seek the help of a corrupt Sheriff's Department.

For additional Information visit: www.JUDICIAL.CENTER

James and his Children have gone completely ignored by the same PAXTON MEDIA GROUP that became famous for the Duke Lacrosse Cover-Ups 

Grandmother (at 14 seconds): "At that time we didn't know any of this other stuff"

  • Children trapped in an abusive meth-house as opposed to living in their dad's home with nice bedrooms...,
  • Social Services committing perjury
  • The sheriff that has allowed his old running buddy a "so-called C.I." to commit crimes (stealing from stores, vehicles, blacking the eye of an 8-year old boy,
  • A judge that admits to accepting perjury against  James,
  • An attorney (Jennifer Peeler) that filed a false police report,
  • James' own attorney (Shannon Powers) that withheld Discovery from James for over 9 months to try and cover the crimes of Jennifer Peeler,...

James Samples under continuous false arrest was housed in the McCracken County jail. James was assaulted and forced to enter guilty pleas even though he had ample recordings proving his innocence.  James left the country and started building multiple websites exposing the McCracken County Corruption.

James is currently offering $10,000 for so much as one item on his list of items that demonstrate: that James and children are victims of corruption as opposed to being an actual criminal.

Note: Paxton Media Group's method of operations is by no means limited to two scandals! We selected the Duke Lacrosse Scandal, to show that Paxton has been famous for cover-ups for over 12 years. We selected the Paducah Scandal t0 show how active he still is and furthermore Paducah is his hometown.