Atty. David Paxton and his colleagues buy up local media to conceal their misdeeds (like those by Atty. Nifong). Below are two examples:

Duke Lacrosse

March 14, 2006 - Falsely accused Duke Lacrosse Players (including Seligmann) voluntarily gave statements and DNA samples to police and offered to take lie detector tests. The Investigators turned them down.
Seligmann had a solid alibi (affidavit from a Taxi driver), ATM video, Cell Phone records, digital security entrance records... all were refused.
Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, Durham Herald-Sun (under the control of Paxton Media at the time) proceeded in ignoring the truth and telling lies. Atty. David Paxton forbade his Journalist to print anything critical of his colleague Atty. Nifong. Atty. Paxton continued to print what he knew were lies.

Investigator/Prosecutor (on trial),   60 Minutes, Geraldo Rivera, Dennis Miller.


Paducah Scandal (still unfolding)

November 19, 2015, in retaliation for exposing a judge, admitting to accepting perjury in her courtroom and a dirty Sheriff (John Hayden); Atty. Jennifer Peeler filed a false police report against James Samples.
Peeler claimed that James followed her from the courthouse to her office at the Paducah Bank. James left the courthouse with his parents (see affidavits), while a recorder that he neglected to turn off was still running, and James was being actively tracked by Google Timeline... All ignored by the investigator (officer Travis Counts) and the Prosecutor. In addition to the ample evidence that James had to prove his innocence, James could have obtained additional evidence, had his own Attorney (Shannon Powers) hadn't denied him the details of his charges for over nine months.
The additional surveillance videos that could have been obtained had James known the details of the false allegations include: Footage from the Paducah Bank (where the crime allegedly took place) and footage from the Barkley Regional Airport where James was during that time frame.
James was hit with additional false charges and assaulted in the McCracken County jail where James discovered that Ben Green, Jesse Riddle, and Sheriff John Hayden used James' children in a meth sting house to make help conceal the house. James' children suffered abuse. James was advised to remove everything from the internet or the false arrest and assaults would continue. James was also denied a chance to testify at an emergency custody removal hearing ( to remove the children from the meth-house - Hon. Deanna W. Henschel). James was undoubtedly denied a chance to testify because he had ample evidence of VAST Paducah, KY corruption.

  • James - Left the United States and continues to expose and fight those that have attacked him and his children,
  • Perjury Accepting Sanderson - stepped down from behind the bench,
  • Sheriff John Hayden - opted to not run for re-election,
  • Jailers - Since James left the jail on August 5th, 2016 there are perhaps 4 or 5 of the 65 member staff that has not quit or been terminated (multiple issues - including accommodating assaults).