Watching Paxton Sink

Who are we?

We are the mommies, daddies, citizens and probably you... affected by the growing corruption that stems from our courthouses to our media. In the most corrupt parts of the country, there are no separations between the Bar Association and the Media itself.


Media Bias

Gas Prices change and it's newsworthy. When was the last time you read an article about or seen coverage on sky-rocketing court cost...? For the very few that don't know, it cost over one hundred twenty dollars to pay a simple $20 fine. Trust in national and local media is at a historical low. Trust in Government and the Bar Association is even lower. It's no surprise to find out much of the media is owned, operated and misused by the other.  Who are we? We are everyone that seeks to stop the funding the very corruption that hinders us.

Our Mission

  • "Sink the Corrupt",
  • Replace Paxton Media Group with a news organization that does not censor the comments in their articles...
  • Provide the resources to show businesses how to more effectively advertise at a fraction of what they spend with an organization; whose most remarkable achievements include creating a hostile work environment, firing thousands of employees upon buying & misleading the owners of "family-owned" papers and covering up the misdeeds of their most vile colleagues...
In short, we are going to make the world a better place. 

Bringing Modern Day Meaning to United We Stand